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80th National Angel-VC Summit
and Growth Capital Forum

Mike Segal

America’s Premier Business Funding Conference for
Early and Later-Stage Companies Seeking Growth Capital

Introducing the
Next Generation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Main Dining Room - Thursday, June 25th 

w/ Back-up Date July 16th or TBA

11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Where Capital and Opportunity Connect


Mike Segal
Mike Segal


(Who have actually been to our well-established investor forums)


Molecular Surface Technologies, CEO - "Mike, I want to compliment you on putting on a great meeting last week in NY (February 20th, 2020). We came away with 25 of what I would call very interested potential investors, and we are just starting to call all of the remaining participants. We have several in person meetings scheduled from these leads. It was great to be with people that are genuinely interested in finding new opportunities, many of which are seasoned investors that fully understand the challenges and needs of startup companies. Your meeting has truly jump started our fund raising effort, thank you very much."


The Premier Healthcare Solution, Executive VP - "Thank you so much for having us at your National Private Equity Forum (September 27th 2018.) Your forums are the summit of all pitch events! It was a very impressive event of high quality. I was impressed with mostly everything about it. It was coordinated professionally and tastefully.  The sit down food service was nicer than some buffets we had at other such events.  I hope that you had as good of a time as I did there; it was a very nice event with very nice people which made it fun!! I spoke to more than twice as many investors at your event than I did at other such events. There was excellent energy and excitement there. There was no filler fluff of anything but entrepreneur-investor deal making. The statement you made "Now let's get some deals done!!!" just before starting the first of the pitches was a powerful one… It was everything that I could have hoped for and more.  My pitch team did very well there!   We formed some new relationships there and have several interested investors on the hook. I will let you know if/when this all evolves into cash funding and how much funding we receive as a result. We shall see in the near future. It was a pleasure being in attendance at your forum. Thank you for having us at your event Mike!"

InvestAcure, President - "Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your absolutely incredible event (December 7th, 2017), meticulous support and guidance. We are impressed and grateful beyond words! Thank you! I edited the list you sent and marked everyone who gave us cards and all of our email interactions to date. Would love to have a chance to discuss with you… Max" 


Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Vice President and Founder of Aurora Capital - "Michael, Let me start by telling you, as I did over the phone yesterday, that I believe that this is probably the best forum (July 9th, 2015) I have attended since founding Aurora Capital 20 years ago and becoming involved as a principal in Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. about 2.25 years ago… and I say that with both hats on at the same time.  There was no pretense, everybody knew the purpose of everybody that was present.  The fact that there was adequate time for networking as well as a single presentation track kept all attendees in the room, essentially all of the time. And your pre-event interactions and immediate post-event follow-up is incomparable… Thanks again."


Alltham, CEO / Made in America Again, Founder - "Just a note to say I very much enjoyed taking part in the angel-venture forum at the Yale Club yesterday (May 6th, 2015)  I obtained a number of expressions of interest that I am following through on. You were true to your word, and I must say it was the first time that I was ever at a funding conference with only funders and companies, no service providers; a refreshing change of pace!"


Vaica, CEO - "Mike, Thank you very much for the very excellent and flawless event (December 2nd, 2014) you put together and for your kindness and commitment to help me and the other companies get funded. Your genuine care, personal touch and professionalism really makes the difference, in a big way… Thank you again for your superb event and for your kind and instrumental support."


Carter Stone & Co., President and Founder - "I am writing to you as someone who has attended many of your events at the Yale Club… All of the participants (entrepreneurs) have enjoyed an audience of private investors, venture capitalists and banks… The camaraderie which is developed leave everyone with a feeling that they have experienced a professional, organized and well run event. I am always impressed at the lack of vendors and service providers which do not exist at these well-coordinated meetings…The people who come to the event to try and gain financing are fortunate to have this type of venue. I have met many of them. They are all delighted to be there"                      


BitRage NOVIS, President - “Thanks Mike. Great event. Best I've ever attended, and most focused and well-constructed. Walked away with 27 cards, 4-8 sincere investors advising of interest in investing, and many could not get to talk with us directly at the breakout, as we were too crowded. Caught up with many (investors) at the various opportunities to socialize....I will follow your recommendations, as your advice so far has been invaluable. Thanks again.”


SnoopWall, Chairman – "Mike, Great meeting you. Great event was very much worth attending. I can’t say enough positive things about the venue. Big thank you! Working on the list with key angels you provided… Thanks for your excellent advice and ongoing support - it means a lot to me and to SnoopWall!.. Really enjoyed your event. You are more than I expected, in person and it was spectacularly done. A+"


Baby Life Seat, President - "After attending the Private Equity 2014 event at the Yale Club on June 26,2014, I came away feeling that it would have been worth twice the event fee to attend. The event was well managed… and the pace was such that things moved along very easily. During the many breakout sessions, I was able to identify and easily network to possible investors for my company. This entire experience was well worth the effort and energy I expended... I believe that there is great value in the contacts I've made and I owe it to you and the Private Equity event."


MJ Licensing Company, Counsel - Mike, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic event at the Yale Club ... you put together a very-well organized event with more than 100 sources of capital and many very impressive companies that presented. Your events are by far the best I've ever attended - having attended a very large number. I have invested (along with my colleagues) in companies which have presented at your events, and I always evangelize those companies I meet there that present a good return to potential investors in my substantial network. You are the best, and I so look forward to the next one!!


Park City Capital, President - "Gentlemen: Congratulations for presenting such a fabulous event as the Private Equity Forum at the Yale Club on June 26, 2014. I have attended forums and conferences conducted by several different organizations and I was most impressed with the quality of all participants. The companies which presented were quite professional.. The investors who attended were keenly interested and interactive. Most impressive was the collegiality of the attendees who all were cordial and educational in their conversations… Thank you for the opportunity to participate."


Wall Street Capital, Principals - "..: thank you Bryan for a truly exceptional experience... It was truly remarkable how you collected and brilliantly, seamlessly orchestrated such an admirable and notable group of people from the financial industry, venture capital community and representing the hedge fund and private equity society… Let's talk soon and further."


PCAsso Diagnostics, President and CEO - "I am writing you to congratulate you on your outstanding meeting. The format, from an entrepreneur point of view, is optimal. The audience is down to business and is willing and able to make the investment; the attention is focused on a small number of companies; and there are not a lot of service providers and middlemen. Presenting at your meeting was one of the most cost effective ways to reach serious investors."


Mike Segal

Registration Details


Investor On-Site Registration: $1,275 per Attendee
Advance Investor Registration: $975 per Attendee



Entrepreneur Registration: $3,500 for up to 3 Delegates



Entrepreneur Registration: $5000 per Featured Company

(Includes Introduction & up to 5 Management Team Members)



Business Professionals On-Site Registration: $2,500 per Attendee


To Register by Credit Card Over Phone, Please Call 203 438 4411



Please Call Mike Segal at 203 438 4411

Mike Segal
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