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About Our National Business Funding Conferences

Our forums are exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble a select group of business visionaries, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment professionals, and money managers. In addition to presenting "one-of-a-kind" private investment opportunities, this prestigious event at the Club 101 New York is designed to be an ideal setting for new business development, exchange of ideas, creation of deal flow, location of capital sources and ultra high-end networking.

Guests at the National Venture Forum will see up to fifteen early, later-stage and emerging growth investment opportunities from throughout the U.S. These companies, featuring new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models, have been pre-screened to address the "common sense" criteria of value, proof of concept, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential for success applied venture capitalists, investment partnerships, private equity funds, and Small Business Investment Corporations.

Note that the majority of the companies that are featured at our events are nominated and/or have been funded by well-regarded investment groups. These firms have included Bear Stearns (Constellation Partners), J P Morgan, CitiGroup Investments, Grosvenor Funds, Core Capital, CIT Venture Capital, Sunrise Capital Partners, Davis Tuttle, Fusion Capital, Nokia Ventures, MDT Advisors, Marathon Capital, New York City Investment Fund, CapEx (SBIC), IDP Investments and Davenport Capital Ventures.

If you or your firm is actively looking at new investments, you should definitely plan to attend.

Several hundred early and later-stage opportunities are considered before we select the 12 to 15 companies that present at the symposium. We know how difficult it is today's market to find truly fundable deals with scaleable business models and proven traction in their market. In fact, this is why so many and partners of leading venture capital and private equity firms from throughout the US and overseas attend our events. They have found our forums to be a valuable use of their time in seeking-out potentially profitable investments.

These events also offer an ideal setting to meet prospective financial partners among the 200 investment professionals who are expected to attend. Experienced and professional investors know that it is in uncertain periods like this that sometimes the best investment opportunities can be found, and on the best terms. Now could be "right time" to start focusing your next portfolio investments while valuations make sense and most new equity dollars remain on the sidelines. This conference could be the best way to start building your deal flow and finding new investment partners for the new year. This Forum will be a unique opportunity for you to meet other senior partners, managing directors, and chief investment officers from some of the nation’s most successful private equity and venture capital firms.

Presenting Companies and Industry Sectors

Conference guests will benefit from seeing a select group of early and later-stage opportunities that have been professionally screened from more than 200 companies drawn from throughout the United States. Presenting companies will feature game-changing technologies and innovative business models in Enterprise Software, E-Learning, Web-Based Business Solutions, Internet Search Engines, Environmental Threat Protection and Remediation, Wireless Networks, Waste Treatment, Drug Testing, Mobile Communications, Energy Conservation Materials, Predictive Intelligence Management Tools, Healthcare Information Systems, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Digital Media, VOIP Services, Electric Motor Power and more. Many of the companies are post-revenue and others are at the point where they have recently begun the commercialization of their products or services.

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