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Harry Edelson Talks About His New Book

"I have written a book about my life experiences. “Positivity. How to be Happier, Healthier, Smarter, and More Prosperous” which has received excellent reviews by the bible of the publishing industry, Publishers Weekly and by many others. In the book I reveal many secrets that will help you and your loved ones become happier, healthier, smarter and more prosperous.


Already, a company in China has translated the book into Chinese, agreed to purchase 45,000 copies for its employees, and hired CITIC, a major publisher. A charity in Afghanistan has fallen in love with the book and is blogging about the book to inspire 55,000 Afghani female students. I am giving three speeches on the book and am available for additional talks. One Conference is distributing my book to 150 attendees.


“Positivity” is currently available on Amazon as a paperback or eBook and will be available in bookstores starting September 29th . Barnes and Noble will feature the book at its flagship store on 5th Avenue and 46th Street. This is a very worthwhile book for you to read and an excellent holiday gift for your loved ones and friends."








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