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From 1992 to 2001, M.J.Segal Associates specialized in researching private equity opportunities in both private and emerging growth public companies. M. J. Segal catered primarily to institutional clients, private investment partnerships and professional money managers. During that period, M. J. Segal Associates became a dependable resource for the institutional private equity investor and represented public and private companies seeking financing. The focus of the firm’s research was to discover companies with strong management where capital will be a catalyst for success. Since 2001, as a founding sponsor of National Business Investment Forums, M.J. Segal Associates has contributed its resources and expertise to the organization of their events and the selection of companies that are featured at the conferences. In this regard, the Segal group looks for companies that a have proprietary edge in their product, service and/or distribution channel, a broad potential market with reasonable customer acquisition costs, combined with a realistic business model that can achieve future profitability.

Starlight Capital, Inc.


Starlight Capital partners with small, high-growth technology and energy companies to prepare them for financing and to introduce them to appropriate funding sources. The firm increases the visibility of its clients in the investment community prior to seed-stage or first round venture financing via its popular "Entrepreneurial Speaker Series". Starlight offers advisory services in corporate strategy, financial modeling, board member selection, and other areas of business plan development. Starlight’s investment banking services performed by its broker-dealer affiliate help qualified companies complete "best efforts" private placements ranging from $2 million to $20 million. The firm undertakes a complete due diligence investigation and provides assistance to its corporate finance clients in the preparation of offering materials to present to other investment bankers, venture capital firms and its network of angel investors. Starlight’s persistence and personalized service has distinguished it from its competitors and has allowed its client partners to be more successful in their efforts to obtain capital. Founded in 1999 by Bryan Emerson, Starlight Capital is based in Houston and is active throughout the US and Latin America.


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