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Entrepreneur Testimonials & Endorsements

(Regarding Event Sponsors - Mike Segal and National Business Investment Forums)

Molecular Surface Technologies, CEO - "Mike, I want to compliment you on putting on a great meeting last week in NY (February 20th, 2020). We came away with 25 of what I would call very interested potential investors, and we are just starting to call all of the remaining participants. We have several in person meetings scheduled from these leads. It was great to be with people that are genuinely interested in finding new opportunities, many of which are seasoned investors that fully understand the challenges and needs of startup companies. Your meeting has truly jump started our fund raising effort, thank you very much."


White Horse Recovery, Founder - "On behalf of White Horse Recovery…I thank you very much for organizing such a solid event. (October 30th, 2019) In construction, we often boil things down to three variables with the saying being you can have two to your advantage, but not three in the arenas of quality, cost, and time. Your investment summit attracted high quality people to a very beautiful place and was metered deftly by you in a pace and time that allowed for keeping one’s attention, understanding the gist of the pitchers, and goodly opportunities to meet and talk one on one. All this was served up at a reasonable and good value. All three arenas were to your customer’s advantage. Congratulations and thank you Maestro!" (Maestro reference is made in connection with SpellNet Capital blog featuring our events at


Mend, CEO - "Dear Mike, I wanted to thank for so many things last week.  (June 13th, 2019). You did a wonderful job of hosting, making each person feel special and important. I also appreciate the extra kindness and time you gave me at the end of the program. I think it will pay off!  -- my colleague Rachel and I walked out with at least 40 cards between us, and there are 3-5 solid opportunities with it… I will keep you posted on progress..."


Motovino, CEO - Mike "Thank you again for such a potentially life-changing opportunity”... Participated in our March 21st, 2019 event… saying very succinctly in an e-mail to me pretty much everything one needs know about our well-established funding venues., CEO - "Mike just want to let you know I appreciate your persistence getting me to your investor summit (December 12th, 2018). I thought it was very well done and certainly seemed to generate some solid leads….Thanks!"


Encaptiv, CEO - "Thank you very much for a wonderful event and for the follow-up. (December 12th, 2018). I will be sure to follow-up with these interested investors right away. I'll also send you a list of interested investors that we spoke to and that I've emailed. Do you have any time to talk tomorrow  (Tuesday) or Wednesday morning…"


3D Apartment, CEO - "Hello Mike… It was very exciting to attend your angel investor event at the Yale Club last month (December 12th, 2018). We enjoyed being there and made excellent contacts who have shown interest in and have understood, our product and vision...Thank you."


The Premier Healthcare Solution, Executive VP - "Thank you so much for having us at your National Private Equity Forum (September 27th 2018.) Your forums are the summit of all pitch events! It was a very impressive event of high quality. I was impressed with mostly everything about it. It was coordinated professionally and tastefully.  The sit down food service was nicer than some buffets we had at other such events.  I hope that you had as good of a time as I did there; it was a very nice event with very nice people which made it fun!! I spoke to more than twice as many investors at your event than I did at other such events. There was excellent energy and excitement there. There was no filler fluff of anything but entrepreneur-investor deal making. The statement you made "Now let's get some deals done!!!" just before starting the first of the pitches was a powerful one… It was everything that I could have hoped for and more.  My pitch team did very well there!   We formed some new relationships there and have several interested investors on the hook. I will let you know if/when this all evolves into cash funding and how much funding we receive as a result. We shall see in the near future. It was a pleasure being in attendance at your forum. Thank you for having us at your event Mike!"

SHM Controls, CEO - "This quote is a response to the following question posed an entrepreneur who saw the CEO’s posting and video on LinkedIn about our (September 27th, 2018) event “I'm interested in hearing how this event went for you?”… “It is a very well organized event, very high quality networking and it provides good exposure. Like in all startup financing events, the presenters need to prepare themselves in advance, give a compelling presentation and stand out, and then do the focused leg work during the networking/social times (there are several networking breaks during the event and several hours networking/socializing after over finger food and a live band) and later on follow-ups with all the contact details collected and received from the organizers. Mike Segal, the organizer is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and attentive, and the venue is definitely unique and impressive!”


Ariel Software, Founder and CEO - "Hi Mike, Let me first of all congratulate you.  This event (July 26th, 2018) was in every way exactly what you said it would be.  And, despite the fact that I had no slide deck, no business plan, and very plain business cards, I have had expressions of interest as per your list below.  I will certainly follow up with them and everyone on the list, as per your advice. Thursday after we all adjourned from the ballroom, I went to the third floor and got into a few conversations with people I had not yet had a chance to meet... Richard Rabbito and Fred and Cecilia from Newcomb have expressed the most interest.  Cecilia requested a slide deck ASAP… My son Alan and I hosted Richard Rabbito for lunch at the Yale Club on Friday… Thanks for everything you have done to get me to this point!"  

GoPetie, President - "Hi Mike…First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend your event (March 8th, 2018) and meet so many investors and business leaders. I especially enjoyed my conversation with Steven from Park City Capital at the reception. He gave me clear feedback and talked with me about potentially becoming an investor. Below is the list of investors that have demonstrated interest in GoPetie… I'm planning to call the names on the list below as well as the names that you sent today this Friday… I would love the chance to speak with you over the phone and receive any guidance you can provide…"


InvestAcure, President - "Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your absolutely incredible event (December 7th, 2107), meticulous support and guidance. We are impressed and grateful beyond words! Thank you! I edited the list you sent and marked everyone who gave us cards and all of our email interactions to date. Would love to have a chance to discuss with you… Max" 


Kaczmarek Composites, Founder and CEO - "It was a pleasure meeting you at your wonderful event (October 5th, 2017)…Bob and I are delighted with the connections we made at the Innovation & Investment 2017, 68th National Angel-VC Summit and Growth Capital Forum. You certainly were a gracious host to us and our staff members…We were all impressed by the number and quality of the investors attending and wish we had more to show them. Having access to the wonderful minds and helpful nature of such savvy investors is something we are so grateful for and this was an exceptional opportunity to learn. We know Balestra Furniture by Kaczmarek Composites will ultimately benefit. Thank you, Mike! "

SmartHome Hero, Founder - Thank you both for putting on a fine event (May 4th, 2017). It was worth our trip to meet quality investors and firms that you brought together. It is obvious that you have done this successfully for a long time based on the guests, venue, and interest expressed during the day towards our company. We look forward to the next event in June. 

FireBot, President and CEO - Thanks Mike , an excellent event (May 4th, 2017), beyond expectations. The best was the time in between pitches to communicate (with Investors) and also be social.  A good story, I was talking to a student from Columbia…When asked what project he was working on he said, “A spacecraft, actually a satellite to measure crop yields with two students at MIT”. I said it might be hard finding someone to invest to send it in orbit. He said, “I know but he had meet the NASA director of the Mission to Mars at your meet-up.” So there is something for everyone…

BitRage NOVIS, President - “Thanks Mike. Great event. Best I've ever attended, and most focused and well-constructed. Walked away with 27 cards, 4-8 sincere investors advising of interest in investing, and many could not get to talk with us directly at the breakout, as we were too crowded. Caught up with many (investors) at the various opportunities to socialize. Will keep you posted on our success...I will follow your recommendations, as your advice so far has been invaluable. Thanks again.” 

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